Logistics Services

Do you want to do business in Chile and you have several questions: How is Chile? Where do you go? How to get out of the airport to the hotel? What hotel I choose? With whom I can talk about my business? How do I find clients? Where? Will they be reliable? Need an interpreter?, etc.

Count on us to answer these and other questions. For a small investment in your business, we will direct them to the general and basic information to know what kind of country you are coming. If you requirre a more comprehensive (almost a market study), never fear: there is much more that you will pay to know how solid the ground he walks on.

We can also arrange interviews with their counterparts in Chile with an approriate timetable to time yopur visit business, advising as to their transportation and interpreter, necessary or not.

In short, we will be your office in Santiago, Chile, at minimal cost compared to what you woukd spend if you were to do it personally.

If you want to start your investigation of this market "without leaving your desk" count on us. We handle search history, favorable conditions and negative, providing a reliable "roadmap", without the considerable cost of time and money to be doing yourself.
We pay special attention to micro, small and medium enterprises without implying that large ones remain neglected.